About us

Bring the Future
Looking into the future through the eyes of Kuroneko

Since its establishment, KURONEKO Innovation Fund has collaborated with various partners as a core forefront of Yamato Group’s open innovation activity. Now, we are boldly stepping into the next phase of value creation to accelerate our activity furthermore through startup M&A and actually launching new business.

Fund overview

  • ● Name (Registered name)
    KURONEKO Innovation Fund L.P. (YMT-GB Limited Liability Investment Partnership)
  • ● Size
    5 billion JPY
  • ● Established
    April 2020
  • ● Investment targets
    - Start-ups with innovative technologies and business models transforming the future of logistics and supply chain
    - Start-ups which are open to collaboration with Yamato Group
  • ● Targeted regions
    Seed, early and middle stages
  • ● Targeted regions
    Mainly Japan, but also open to North America, Europe and Asia
  • ● Unlimited liability partner
    Global Brain Corporation
  • ● Limited liability partner
    Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.